Virtual Assistant Services
for Busy Entrepreneurs
and Companies

It’s time to recognize the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant!

  • Are many important tasks still in your do-to list?
  • There aren’t enough hours in your working day?

  • Do you need extra hands to complete your business tasks?

15 years of professional experience

Delegate your daily responsibilities to professional assistance

We offer you professional assistant of certified and  experienced team in your daily business routine. Our virtual assistants have an average 15 years of experience in their respective fields.

Corpzone team covers a wide range of tasks:

Business administration, database management, accounting, marketing, drafting of business documents, HR and many more. Our Relationship Managers are experienced  and certified professionals in their respective industry fields.

By hiring us, you can substantially reduce your business  and payroll expenses and manage your work without breaking your budget. If your business picks up and you need more help, simply upgrade your Virtual Assistant plan.

Our advantages

Why Us?

We design our services to your unique requirements in any location and any situation.

Focus & specialization

In-depth expertise in particular areas focusing on your specific request or business problem.


We are flexible in providing services targeted to your specific needs

Real front-line assistance

Direct Interaction with your Assistant

Greater value and more rational fees

Rational billing rates and project fees due to lower overhead.

No Cancellation Fees
No Start-Up Fee

Billing stops with 3 days notice upon your request. No extra fees, and no hard feelings.

No Annual Commitment

Flexible month-to-month plans instead of locking you into an annual contract.


We maintain confidentiality and safeguard your privacy. Our assistance will be governed by the Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement.


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